Barry S Saltzman - CEO



Barry S. Saltzman is CEO of Saltzman Enterprise Group and partner at Culture Measures, a business focused on turning the art of culture into a science. Barry's expertise comes from more than 30 years of executive experience in both public and private global companies. He also speaks on business strategy and is a frequent guest expert, lending his entrepreneurial acumen to audiences of aspiring business leaders.

During Barry’s career he has developed a unique style and skill set that has allowed him to grow from a Professional Services Manager to leadership positions like VP Outsourcing, SVP Sales, Chief Operating Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer. Barry has proven to be strategic, results-oriented, capable of anticipating future business trends and comfortable with the daily challenges of management in a highly competitive market. With a strong focus on developing people, Barry has earned a reputation for building great teams and future leaders.

As a hands-on leader throughout his career, Barry has been responsible for Global Sales, P&L, Business Development, Closing Multi Million dollar transactions, Leading and managing Complex Project Teams, Service Delivery, Service and Sales Operations and Customer Relationships.  During Barry’s career he has succeeded in a major financial turnaround of a $60 million dollar privately held business, grew revenue from $35 million to over $200 million for a large IT services business, managed a $535 million dollar P&L with over 1500 technical and sales employees for a large services division of a public company and taken a leadership sales role in closing global deals valued at over $25 million dollars.  

Barry currently lives in the Chicagoland Area after spending most of his career in New York. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Computer Information Systems from Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.